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The International Tender is a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY related to the procurement of public administrations benefiting from the International Organizations funding.

The main opportunities can be generated by:

  • Projects funded by the International Organizations in developing countries
  • Humanitarian Emergencies in countries affected by natural disasters or conflicts

NETBRAIN  ensures the following services:

  • Identifying the tender procurement among the available investment programs that can meet the requirements as well as the objectives of our Client; the opportunities are identified and selected among the ones promoted by the World Bank, the EU Program Delegation Agreements and other international cooperation initiatives such as the IPA Adriatic program.
  • Enhancing the net-working between IT and ICT companies operating in the Italian market as well as any possible partnerships with local companies from the countries involved in the Tender procurement.
  • Technical-administrative and legal consultancy regarding the participation of identified international tenders, which can represent an important business opportunity for the Client.
  • An initial professional training activity for those who wish to deal with international tender procurement.

The above mentioned services are provided in the following global areas:

  • Balkans
  • Northern Europe
  • Eastern Europe

In more details, we are operative in those pre-accession (to the EU) countries, such as Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey and Bosnia; these are the countries where the funding availability  is guaranteed by the international Institutions and that are in compliance with the Community legislation.

NETBRAIN’s expertise focuses on public procurement initiatives being under the EU direct or indirect management and dedicated to key sectors such as agriculture, health, public administration, where the IT and ICT are transversal.