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Business organization

Our organization consist of a general management department, an administrative and human resources management area, a communication and marketing team, and a consultancy pool of experts, who are the core soul of the company, operating in the following range of business segments:

  • Management Consulting
  • Business Technology Consulting
  • Bid Engineering
  • Public Procurement Consulting
  • International Tender Procurement
  • Professional training

Our Team is made up of internal consultants and a consolidated network of external professionals.

The skills are of a high level and concern different areas of application.

Our expert consultants of Business Technology Consultant and Bid Engineering are experts with technical skills that constantly update themselves and obtain personal certifications to ensure the high level of quality of our services.

In the area of Management Consultancy and in the area of International Tender Procurement  our resources have great knowledge of the reference markets and economic and managerial know-how.

The area of Public Procurement Consulting and  Professionale Training is composed of legal specialists with competences of administrative law, Technology law, privacy regulations and have personal certifications such as the “Bid Procurement Manager”.

Fabrizio Salvini and Rosanna Salvini are the creators of the “Netbrain model” and they coordinate the Team of consultants representing the company’s core and engine.